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Things we've been working on recently...

Go-to-market plan for operations management platform 
Think of it as rapid application development meets project management. The platform lets a business owner design data constructs, forms, data exploration and business processes.

We ran competitive analysis, did customer research and designed the go-to-market plan. 

Market research & roadmap for digital marketing data platform 
The digital marketing platform space is fairly saturated, but that does not mean there are unmet needs. 

We worked to identify unmet needs for large enterprise marketing reams looking to use advanced tools while building audience segments for their targeted campaigns. 

Revenue model and prototype for a financial property investment product
We worked to define the target market, understand their needs and design a financial investement product that will appeal to them. 

With revenue modeling, prototyping and branding - this product is well on it's way to a significant fund raise.  

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