Onboarding Support

For product managers

Onboarding Support is designed for organisations who are introducing product management or ownership roles for the first time or organisations who already have product practicioners and are looking to support them in acheiving a new level of effectiveness within the organisation.

With onboarding support, an organisation can hire a more junior candidate but get the results of a senior product manager without incuring all the costs of the same. This also benefits the new product manager in fast-tracking them to becoming established in their craft and more effective in the organisation.
This is achieved through six months of direct advisory and consultation with the new product manager. One of our senior product consultants will work through some of the following considerations:
> Getting alignment on product objectives and key results
> Establishing new processes for ideation management and opportunity evaluation
> Establishing frameworks for prioritising markets
> How to achieve a roadmap that the organisation understands and agrees with
> How to measure and focus on the most important metrics
> Dialing in the right granularity of documentation and rituals with the engineering team
> Understanding how design processes fit with product delivery
Each week the consultant will spend a dedicated amount of hours with the new product manager providing them with a customised plan to manage the ongoing change they must negotiate for success within the organisation. This will not only be focused on the practice of the craft but also the bolstering the strategic approach of the product itself. There are a lot of details and "gotchas" in product delivery so having access to a consultant who can advise on topics such as technology and user experience design is immensely helpful.